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22 Aug 2013

Toi Māori Aotearoa: Māori Arts New Zealand

Toi Māori is a charitable trust. It represents 10 national Māori artform committees covering the visual, performing and literary arts

  1. Runanga Whakairo (Carving)

  2. Te Uhi A Mataora (Ta Moko - Maori Cultural Tattoo)

  3. He Awhi Tikanga (Protocol within the Arts)

  4. Puatatangi (Contemporary Maori Music)

  5. Te Ha (Contemporary Maori Writers)

  6. Te Ope o Rehua (Contemporary Performing Arts)

  7. Te Roopu Raranga Whatu o Aotearoa (Maori Weavers of New Zealand)

  8. Nga Waka Federation (Traditional Canoe Skills)

  9. Te Atinga (Contemporary Visual Arts)

  10. Nga Pou Kaituhi Maori (Literature in Te Reo)

Toi Māori annually produces a wide range of events and activities that include festivals, exhibitions, performances, publications and workshops that relate to a wide spectrum of Māori artforms. Toi Māori also organises international exchanges with other indigenous peoples, including artists from the Pacific, Europe, North America, Australia, and Asia.

Strategic Goals:

  • Developing the Artist - to promote and support the long-term development of contemporary Māori artists

  • Developing the Artform - to encourage innovation, creativity and new directions for contemporary Māori art

  • Preserving our Unique Cultural Identity and Heritage - to maintain and protect our unique cultural identity and the heritage of Māori arts.

  • Presenting and Promoting the Artforms - to promote and present contemporary Māori art to audiences