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07 Sep 2010

Theater Instituut Nederland (TIN)

The Netherlands Theatre Institute (TIN) is the heart of the Dutch theatre world. It documents, supports and promotes Dutch theatre, both in the Netherlands and abroad. The TIN offers the largest theatre documentation centre in Europe, organises debates and public exhibitions, promotes talent nationally and internationally, and ensures harmonisation within the theatre sector.

The Theater Instituut houses a library, collects current information and documentation and organizes events such as discussions, conferences, exhibitions and international presentations and participates in various international networks. The Netherlands Theatre Institute forms part of the Key Infrastructure and is funded by the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science.


The Theater Instituut started as a Theatre Museum, established by a few enthusiasts in 1924. Some private collections were purchased at that time to create the initial collection. The museum opened with its library and exhibitions to the public in the mid 1960's. It was later to merge with the Dutch Centre of the International Theatre Institute (ITI), and an archive of stage sound and image in the late 1970's, to become the Nederlands Theater Instituut. Separate smaller service institutes for dance, mime and puppetry were added later in adjoining buildings. In the course of 1992, the four institutes were merged into what is now Theater Instituut Nederland. The entire complex of 4,400 m2 was renovated in the course of 1995 -1997, to restore the monumental character of the buildings and to accommodate the Theater Instituut's expanding role.


Theater Instituut Nederland is an independent non-profit organization (stichting). It employs some 50 people and engages a number of temporary collaborators and interns.


Theater Instituut Nederland receives a structural subsidy from the Dutch Ministry of Education, Science and Culture. This subsidy amounts to 65% of the budget of a year while 20% comes from various project-targeted governmental and non-governmental subsidies, and 15% is generated income from membership fees, entrance and services fees, rent and sales.


The Theater Instituut takes an active part in several international networks such as the Informal European Theater Meeting, the European Network of Informal Centers for the Performing Arts, the European Mime Federation, Transversales and the International Organization for the Transition of Professional Dancers (IOTPD).

It also works with many established partners such as the Vlaams Theater Instituut in Brussels on the dissemination of information and presentations abroad and with the Amsterdam-Maastricht Summer University, for courses and workshops.

There is close collaboration with the Department of Theatre Studies at the Universiteit van Amsterdam. There is also considerable collaboration with other universities, professional training programmes, festivals, companies and research organizations. Lastly, Theater Instituut Nederland serves as the Dutch centre of the International Theatre Institute.