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05 Jul 2011

TCG Nordica

TCG Nordica is an international art gallery and culture centre situated in the heart of the artist community at Chuang Ku/LOFT, Kunming. Believing in community empowerment, we facilitate the cultural exchange of indigenous peoples from whatever background and status, and cooperate with a number of artists and organisations to raise the awareness of social issues such as HIV/AIDS.

As a crossroads where East and West meets, TCG Nordica desires to facilitate multicultural understanding and exchange. Through art exhibitions, poetry festivals, musical concerts, workshops and unique culture activities, new opportunities are created for people to learn more about themselves and others in the spirit of friendship, openness, respect and mutuality.

TCG Nordica started in April 2000 with the vision of: “Stimulating reflection on Human Worth as expressed in various Art Forms.” It has quickly become one of Kunmings foremost galleries and a popular meeting-point for the city’s residents, particularly artists, intellectuals and students.

A great variety of people pass through the venue, which is in accordance with the vision of the founders. Swedish and Chinese culture workers, Anna Mellergård and Wu Yuerong, realized they shared a common dream based on their interests for art and culture, which was to create a place that promotes greater knowledge of their respective cultures.

TCG Nordica is situated in a closed down factory area, the Chuang Ku/Loft. Around 30 Chinese artists now have their studios at the Loft, and this contributes to a pulsating and creative atmosphere throughout the block.

TCG Nordica cooperates with ArtsNordica and other organisations to facilitate opportunities for writers, representatives of fine arts and performing artists to take part in exchange programmes through which they acquaint themselves with a culture different to their own. This exposure leads to new understanding and inspiration in the artist’s life and work.