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02 Jun 2011

Tama Art University

Tama Art University, founded in 1934, is the oldest private art educational institution in Japan. Ever since its foundation, TAU has encouraged freedom of expression while at the same time stressing the importance of discipline and individual responsibility. Tamabi has two campuses: the main campus in Hachioji City, on the western edge of Greater Tokyo, and the older Kaminoge campus near the center of the capital. The university offers a wide range of art and design courses at the undergraduate and graduate levels, and current enrolment is about 2,000. The Department of Moving Images and Performing Arts aims to develop a wide variety of creative individuals; this includes artists, directors, playwrights, and stage and screen performers. Students are expected to create unique forms of artistic expression by combining mind and body, and fusing image and space. Various state-of-the-art film and video equipment has been installed and theater and dance facilities are available at all times. The program covers amongst other subjects Visual Communication Theory, Theory of Spatial Presentation, and Film Appreciation.