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15 May 2012

South Australian Museum

The South Australian Museum offers visitors 5 floors of exhibits. Exhibitions and displays reflect the museum’s extensive collections, including the Australian Aboriginal and Pacific Cultures collections. The museum enjoys an international reputation for the size and representation of its collections, as well as the breadth and quality of their scientific research.

Permanent galleries in the museum include:

  • Australian Aboriginal Cultures Gallery
  • World Mammals Gallery
  • Pacific Cultures Gallery
  • South Australian Biodiversity 
  • Mawson Gallery
  • Minerals and Meteorites Gallery
  • Megafauna Gallery
  • Fossils Gallery
  • Opalised Fossils Gallery
  • Ancient Egyptian Room

South Australia’s unique fossil history is reflected in the Fossils Gallery on Level 3. Visitors can view 40,000 year old megafauna fossils, the wonder and beauty of 120 million year old opalised fossils and Ediacaran fossils, such as the 550 million year old chordate, possibly the oldest ever found. The chordate is a fossil from the branch of the tree of life that led to animals with backbones, including humans.

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