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06 Sep 2010

Seoul Museum of Art

The Seoul Museum of Art is a network museum that users, mediators, and producers are building together.

Seoul’s network museum, unique to Seoul, is jointly created by users, mediators, and producers. The Seoul Museum of Art (SeMA) aims to build public memories shared by all users, mediators, and producers and imagine a renewed future by cultivating socio-cultural values. SeMA (referred to as Seoul’s Network Museum) adapts to changes in the times and art trends and grows each day through SeMA’s branch museums situated all over Seoul that reach across and complement one another, inspiring citizens of Korea and beyond.

SeMA is contributing to the development of Korean art circles through a variety of special exhibitions with Korean artists and international exhibitions that show the trend of art outside the country and also expanding the base of art culture through the "Communication through Art" projects. SeMA wishes to fulfill individual demand for learning and its role as a social and educational institute through the educational programmes that offer great courses to citizens of various social strata. SeMA has a collection of 4,500 pieces of art including painting, sculpture, installation, and media as well as works from the masters in art history.