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06 Jul 2011

Contemporary Art Museum of Castilla and León (MUSAC)

From the beginning, MUSAC's activities are under the Fundación Siglo, managing entity of the museum.

MUSAC, Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Castilla y León stands as an essential tool for creating a collective sense surrounding contemporary art and culture. MUSAC is defined as an open space for citizens for thought, dialogue and understanding of analytical tools and action strategies concerning art and its relation with society within the period in which the museum program and its collection focus. The chronological axis, that embraces the early 80s to the present, takes the year 1989 as its conceptual starting point, in which the fall of the Berlin Wall, European restructuring and the end of international politics characterized by the confrontation between blocks, mark the start of a global landscape in which we currently live.

MUSAC Collection, cornerstone of the museum, comprises more than 1650 works by nearly 400 regional, national and international artists. A task of study, research and conservation revolves around it, with the mission to preserve for the future and disseminate an artistic heritage surrounding different conceptual paths that are representative of the relationships of art with the social, political, cultural and aesthetic moments and situations from which they surge.

The exhibition program underlines this relationship between the importance of contemporary production and the revision and contextualization of subjects, movements and artists in a wide historic, political and social framework. It responds, as well, to the central-peripheral dynamics, favoring the dialogue between the local and the global, developing and supporting the creation, exhibition, dissemination and research of art in Castilla y León.

The educational and cultural program complete the social vocation of the museum, acting as tools for the active inclusion of diverse publics through dialogue, sharing and the production of meaning from the possibilities that art and culture grant to all citizens as a public space for self-representation. It also aspires to create a platform for thought and a network of collaborative relations generated by the seminars, publications, workshops or open calls surrounding work processes, exhibition programs, the collection or collaborative projects with the public.

MUSAC is ultimately a space which citizens can inhabit as a place for encounter and a forum for study, research, discussion, analysis and enjoyment of contemporary art and culture.