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06 Jul 2011

Contemporary Art Museum of Castilla and León

The Contemporary Art Museum of Castilla and León aspires to be a fundamental tool to know critically the art, culture and society of the world in which we live and to act in the formulation of new models to produce, make visible and share contemporary art that are reflections of new ways of understanding society in times of radical and rapid transformations. 

MUSAC is defined as an open space for citizens for thought, dialogue and understanding of analytical tools and action strategies concerning art and its relation with society, using critical museology as a paradigm through which the users can relate with the museum and the environment to generate a shared network of situated and contextual knowledge. Crossing cultures and identities, the museum functions as a platform that transforms, problematises and questions current aesthetic, poetic, political and socioeconomic conditions.

Understood as an active tool, MUSAC creates experiences of learning, knowledge building, dissemination and dialogue with the arts, based on relationships between works and users that enhance multiple speeches or points of view and provide different types of knowledge experiences both personally and socially. As an active agent, MUSAC must not only participate in community dynamics, but also contribute to build them and make them possible. That is why it must help to weave a network of relationships between the different actors and social and artistic agents in the community, aimed at increasing the social use of the museum, enabling ways that make autonomy, participation and co-responsibility compatible.