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20 Aug 2013

Russian State Library for Young Adults

The Russian State Library for Young Adults is a public library specialised in offering services especially for young customers by adapting to their rapidly developing interests and constantly growing requirements for a new information technology. 

It was founded in 1966 and was based on the branch for youth of the State Public Historical Library. Its collection contains about 1 million books, 500 magazines and newspapers, 2,000 multimedia items, 70,000 gramophone recordings and 40,000 printed and sheet music. 

It offers a variety of thematic multimedia halls (Social Sciences Hall, Natural and Technical Sciences Hall, the Humanities Hall, Foreign Languages Hall, the Computer Library and the Music Library), each of them containing reading-area and offering free access to all books, periodicals, CDs and DVDs, and source databases.

There is also an Information Centre for Young Adults, a Psychological Consulting Service, a Hall of Rare Books, a Leisure-time Hall, A Museum of Computer and a Conference Hall. The Library has also organised the Comics and Visual Culture Centre, the first comics centre in Russia.