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26 Jun 2011

Royal Tropical Institute (KIT)

Royal Tropical Institute (KIT) based in Amsterdam is an independence centre of knowledge and expertise in the areas of international and intercultural cooperation, operating at the interface between theory and practice and between policy and implementation.

The Institute contributes to sustainable development, poverty alleviation and cultural preservation and exchange. It operates internationally through development projects, scientific research and training, and also provides consultancy and information services. These activites, along with those of its Tropenmuseum, Tropentheater and publishing house, are the Institute's means of bringing together people and organizations within the Netherlands and all around the world. KIT information portals provide access to online and offline resources on specific themes including Culture for Development which focus on tangible and intangible heritage through museums and performing arts.

KIT aims to improve knowledge and understanding of different cultures, through the exchange and preservation of cultural heritage, exhibitions, stage performances and publications.