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06 Jul 2011

Rijksmuseum Amsterdam

The Rijksmuseum is the museum of the Netherlands which first opened its doors in 1800 under the name ‘Nationale Kunstgalerij’ in Hague. In 2013, an entirely renovated Rijksmuseum opened its doors to the public. They are greeted by a stunning building, amazing interior design, wonderful exhibitions, lively events, and many fine amenities for young and old.

At the Rijksmuseum, art and history take on new meaning for a broad-based, contemporary national and international audience. As a national institute, the Rijksmuseum offers a representative overview of Dutch art and history from the Middle Ages onwards, and of major aspects of European and Asian art.

The Rijksmuseum keeps, manages, conserves, restores, researches, prepares, collects, publishes, and presents artistic and historical objects, both on its own premises and elsewhere.


From 2015 onwards the Rijksmuseum will publish all upcoming collection catalogue projects online, offering a growing amount of substantive scientific supplements to present online object details. The Rijksmuseum has launched its series of online collection catalogues with the project Early Netherlandish Paintings, adding catalogue entries to some 165 works by artists born before 1500.

Conservation and research: