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30 Jun 2011

Ramon Obusan Folkoric Group

The Ramon Obusan Folkloric Group (ROFG) was founded in 1972. It started as a fledging folk dance company, composed of some 30 performers.

Leaning on the vast amount of data and artifacts that has accumulated by Ramon A. Obusan on his research, the dance company mirrored the traditional culture of the Filipinos through dance and music. For the past two decades it has documented and performed the rituals of more than 50 ethno-linguistic groups in the country. With more than 20 outstanding full-length Filipino dance works, among which are the memorable suites from the Cordillera, Bagobo, T'boli, Tausug, Maranao, the Aetas and the Talaandig among others - the ROFG has served to highlight the authenticity of the movements and costumes of these people.

Since it was founded, the ROFG has created a niche in the world of dance as forerunner of Philippine folk dance performed closest to the original. Boasting of over a thousand performances in the Philippines and abroad, the ROFG is one of the Cultural Center of the Philippines' leading resident companies since 1986. The group has represented the Philippines in various dance festivals and conferences as cultural ambassadors.