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25 Nov 2018

Prokultura: Observatory of Cultural Policies

Prokultura: opservatorij kulturnih politika – Prokultura: Observatory of Cultural Policies is non-profit organisation based in Split, Croatia, with a focus is on culture as the foundation of all-rounded development. 

Prokultura seeks to explore different languages, cultures and cultural policies, and to support the education and affirmation of young researchers. Together with its other stakeholders, Prokultura implements cultural-educational projects at both the local and European level. 

Special attention is given to the monitoring of the decentralisation of cultural policies through research, organisation of meetings, seminars and conferences and continuous exchange of information, focusing on the role of cities and regions and encouraging the cooperation between them. One of the main tasks of the organisation is also to expand international cooperation, in particular with the institutions of the European Union, so as to support cultural and artistic education as well as the preservation of cultural heritage. The overall aim is to highlight the multi dimensionality of culture as the greatest developmental resource.