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26 Feb 2024

Portside Review

Portside Review is an international digital journal emerging from the foam of the Indian Ocean. They publish essays, short stories, poems, conversations and reviews for and from these coastal homes. 

Portside Review has special connection to Boorloo (Perth), Mumbai, and Singapore, and forms an archipelago from Kinjarling to Karachi to Cape Town. They take in lots of cities, towns, countries along the way, sailing and swimming and being swept up in currents and tides with fish and squid. Portside Review is an act of cross-cultural community creation, being pulled together by a team who collaborate, who labour for a greater cause than the individual alone. They come from many places with many histories, and yet, they are all mixed up, like the waves that lap and lap again on shores right here and across the world as well. 

Portside Review is a creative project from Centre for Stories, Australia. They are housed in their building, staffed by their workers, and funded through their kindness. Like them, they are committed to diversity, equity, justice, healing and connection, and are inspired by stories and storytellers. Centre for Stories empowers people whose experiences and perspectives are often marginalised. This includes Indigenous and First Nations, refugees, migrants, people of colour, people who identify as LGBTQIA+, older people, and people living with disability.