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01 Mar 2012

Peranakan Museum, Singapore

Peranakan Museum, Singapore   Peranakan Museum, Singapore The Peranakan Museum explores the culture of Peranakan communities in Southeast Asia. Installed in the former Tao Nan Chinese School which was built in 1912, this intimate museum possesses one of the finest and most comprehensive collections of Peranakan objects. Galleries on three floors illustrate the cultural traditions and the distinctive visual arts of the Peranakans. The Malay term ‘Peranakan’, meaning ‘locally born’, refers to the descendents of foreign traders from countries like China and India, who had settled in Southeast Asia and married the local women. The Peranakan Museum showcases the best of this vibrant culture, while providing an enjoyable and educational experience for all.  The museum is a component of the Asian Civilisations Museum, operating under the Singapore National Heritage Board.
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Collection : Peranakan beadwork, embroidery, textiles, porcelain, furniture, silver and Peranakan family heirlooms

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