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04 Jul 2011

Osage Gallery

Osage is an interdisciplinary platform devoted to the exhibition and promotion of international and Asian contemporary visual arts, operating spaces in Hong Kong and offices in Beijing, Shanghai and Singapore.

Osage's spaces function synergistically to explore the diverse and complex artistic relationships between the different regions of Asia, and beyond that, of the artistic relationships between Asia and other parts of the world. Osage provides an valuable platform for working with artists based in East Asian and Southeast Asian countries such as Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia and Thailand; as well as international artists of Asian descent based outside the region.

On the website, there are write-ups, press releases and pictures of exhibitions held by the gallery in its various branches across asia. There is also a list of artists that the gallery represents. Biographies, videos, and pictures of the artists' works are available for viewing and download. An archive containing all the press releases of the gallery is also available for viewing in both english and chinese.

Osage views its mission to work closely with international artists, curators and critics to present exhibitions and projects that can meaningfully address issues that are relevant to our current moment.

In addition to organising major group and thematic exhibitions, Osage has organised solo exhibitions by some of the most significant artists in Asia, such as Sun Yuan and Peng Yu, Shen Shaomin and Jiang Zhi from China, as well as other Asian artists such as Jane Lee (Singapore), Lee Kit (Hong Kong), Nipan Oranniwesna (Thailand), Wilson Shieh (Hong Kong), and Charwei Tsai (Taiwan).