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30 Apr 2011

Oresund Film Commission

The Oresund Film Commission is a non-profit organization established in fall 2003 to promote the region as an international film location and to service international film and TV productions shooting in the region.

Embracing the area of Southern Sweden and Greater Copenhagen, the OFC combines the resources of the two Scandinavian countries to ensure the best possible experience on location in the Oresund Region.

Services include:

.          Comprehensive information on filming opportunities in the region
.          An extensive location database of more than 500 images from the Oresund Region
.          A production guide with contact information to everyone in the local film industry
.          Customized information and consulting services addressing the needs of individual productions,
including location scouting and budget consulting
.          Introduction to valuable contacts among filmmakers, authorities, locations, distributors and others
.          Project management support and assistance to film crews shooting in the region
.          Streamlined shooting-permit procedures
.          Discount packages, including accommodation, car rental, catering and much more
.          Local PR & marketing support

The Oresund Film Commission is a member of the Association of Film Commissioners International (AFCI) and the European Film Commissioners Network (EUFCN)

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