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02 Oct 2018

Cambodia Film Commission

The Cambodia Film Commission aims to make filming in Cambodia as straight-forward a process as possible.
As the first point of contact for filming in Cambodia, the CFC offers free comprehensive services to all kinds of production (feature films, TV programs, commercials, documentaries, institutional films, karaokes), in order to facilitate the work of film crews:


  • Preliminary identification of specific settings, consultation of the database, library footage and resources, assisting with location scouting.
  • Providing information and advice about filming in Cambodia.
  • Providing a network of professional contacts; linking with production services, crew (technicians, actors, extras), professionals and facilities.
  • Providing a network of institutional contacts and assisting with administrative tasks and filming permits.
  • Offering logistical support and guidance (special agreements for vehicle rentals, etc)
  • Offering a production office for the preparatory work of filmmakers shooting (fully equipped with internet and facilities) to film crews.

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