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03 Sep 2010

Open Society Institute - Sofia

Open Society Institute - Sofia is a non-governmental organization, acting for the public benefit, defending the values of the open society in Bulgaria and supporting the integration of the country to the European Union. The Institute is founded in 1990, thanks to a donation of Mr. George Soros.

Open Society Institute - Sofia upholds the following mission and aims:

  • To promote, develop and support the values, dispositions and practices of the open society in Bulgaria.

  • To support the democratization in all fields of the public and political life in the process of development of the mechanisms and structures of the civil society.

  • To work for the extension and guaranteeing of the inviolability of civil freedoms and the respect of fundamental human rights.

  • To support the strengthening of civil sector institutions.

  • To work for the strengthening of civil participation and protection of the public interest in public policy-making.

  • To encourage the extension of the public debate on issues of key importance to Bulgaria.

  • To support the integration of Bulgaria to the European Union and work for the strengthening of regional cooperation.

In view of achieving its aims, Open Society Institute - Sofia is working on the following programs:

Other programs:

Project Design Unit (PDU) is a specialized program within the structure of Open Society Institute – Sofia, having the following main functions: Design of project proposals (grant schemes & service contracts) for different public funding sources – under the Public Procurement Law, Program PHARE, CARDS, TACIS, other EU programs, governmental and international organizations; Management of projects/individual processes within the framework of implementation of approved proposals; Provision of services (for the Institute’s team and external entities): training, advice, research and analysis, planning.

Public Health Program aims at making and implementing of policies in the field of public health and encouraging the participation of citizens and patients in the health care decision-making process. The program is working for the equal access to health cares, improvement of the quality of offered services and ensuring of transparency of health expenses and investment.