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06 Sep 2010

Open Society Fund - Lithuania (OSFL)

The Open Society Fund - Lithuania (OSFL) is one of the network of foundations established since 1985 in Central and Eastern Europe, Asia, Africa and Haiti by George Soros, the US financier and a prominent late 20th-century philanthropist.

The OSFL launched its activities in October 1990 as an independent, non - governmental, non-profit organization, the main objective of which was to support the development of open, democratic, civil society in Lithuania  in the period of transition. This objective remains alive today, though the spectrum and priorities of foundation - implemented programs keep shifting.

The OSFL reviews and defines the strategy of its activities yearly, taking into account the pulse of society’s political and social change. During the fifteen years of its existence OSFL support for different projects has amounted to over 55 million USD, with an emphasis on education, science, civil society, law, culture, communication and publishing.

The foundation aims to make Lithuania open to the world’s heritage of culture and knowledge. An open society is characterized by a number of features such as the citizens’ organizations and self-government, the effective protection of human rights, market economy, democratic authorities, the participation of citizens in decision-making, respect for law, openness to global culture and knowledge. Through its programs in the fields of  law, civil initiatives, public health,  information, publishing and others the OSFL strove to strengthen all these features and help modernize Lithuania’s civil bodies. The OSFL directs its activities towards all the regions of the country seeking to create conditions for the public to exert a greater influence on political decisions. In the implementation of its objectives the Fund is trying to maintain its dynamism, to react promptly to new challenges, to prevent red tape, to find partners and like-minded people in the implementation of its initiatives and programs.

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