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04 Jul 2011

Office of Contemporary Art & Culture, Ministry of Culture, Thailand (OCAC)

Office of Contemporary Art and Culture, Ministry of culture is an agency with a mission to promote and publicize events, creative arts and contemporary culture to gain wisdom and its application in society.

The identification of art and contemporary culture into various areas include visual arts, performing arts, music and singing, film, architecture, decorative arts ThaiGa costume designerl product design and contemporary art in all branches of the imagination.

The result is a fusion of contemporary art, which is valuable in different ways; including related values, including aesthetic and psychological benefits for life or the type or characteristic of a work of art itself.

Leadership development, knowledge and creative arts and contemporary culture.

1. to promote and publicize events. Creative arts and contemporary culture. To enhance intelligence. And its application in society.
2. support. And provide an art gallery to learn about art and contemporary culture.

1. To promote and develop knowledge of contemporary culture.
2. integrated management approach to contemporary art and culture.
3. reinforce the cooperation network for sustainable development of contemporary art.
4. to promote the creative arts and contemporary culture.

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