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24 May 2011

Netherlands Institute For Animation Film (Niaf)

Visiting address: St. Josephstraat 135, 5017 GG Tilburg

The objective of the Netherlands Institute for Animation Film Foundation [stichting Nederlands Instituut voor Animatiefilm (NIAf)] is the promotion of animation film in the broadest sense of the word. The NIAf endeavors to achieve this objective by creating and providing an education, expertise and information centre for animation film with the following tasks:

- Developing a workplace where animation filmmakers are given the opportunity of specializing and carrying out research;
- Setting up and implementing educational projects;
- Stimulating the production of animation films;
- Stimulating the distribution and screening of animation films and the exhibition of artwork;
- Carrying out research, managing documentation archives, a library and a collection of films and artwork.

Together with the Holland Animation Film Festival (HAFF), the NIAf is the only professional organization where animation as an art form occupies centre stage. Nationally and internationally the institute is seen as an important “spider in the web” and a valuable centre of expertise and information in the field of animation.

The Netherlands Institute for Animation Film organizes master classes and workshops for their participants and others 2 or 3 times a year. These master classes are primarily organized for the participants of the Ateliers. The professionals we contact and the subjects will be focused on the needs of the participants at that time.

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