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29 May 2011

The National University Of Film, Television And Theater

”The mission of our university is to develop the talents and capabilities of our students, to shape them with a responsibility towards their country, providing them with an education in the humanities, educating and preparing them for an artistic career within the audio-visual fields, which include: film, television and acting.”

The Directing program in the Directing Department of film and television is a five-year program and prepares students for work in the film director profession.

Graduates are also prepared to work in television and theatre. The program connects a broad understanding and knowledge of every aspect of the film-making process with knowledge of film-making culture and the intensive practical work involved in film, television and theater production.  The program allows its students to gain the practical experience and expertise that is necessary to work in the field, as well as create the conditions for individual artistic development as a future director.

After the first three years of education, creating a final film („diploma film”) and writing a  bachelors thesis, the graduate will receive a Bachelors degree of graduation. After the next two years of school, creating a diploma film and writing a masters thesis, the graduate will receive the title of Master of Arts.

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