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06 Sep 2010

National Museum Yangon

The National Museum Yangon was first inaugurated in June 1952, at the Jubilee Hall, Shwedagon Pagoda Road, Yangon. The museum was then shifted to another building on Pansodan Road on the 8 Febrary 1970. Once again in 1996, the museum shifted for the third time to area of 3.804 acres at 66/74 Pyay Road, Yangonin. This is the museum’s present location.

The museum has a rich collection of art and material culture of the indigenous people of Myanmar, royal regalia, musical instruments, decorative arts and two art gallery. The artefacts are displayed in 14 galleries in a five-storey building. The galleries are arranged in the following themes:

  1. Myanmar Epigraphy and Calligraphy

  2. Lion Throne

  3. Yadanapon Period

  4. Royal Regalia

  5. Myanmar Historic Period

  6. Myanmar Prehistoric period and Proto-historic period

  7. Natural History

  8. Myanmar Traditional Folk Art

  9. Myanmar Performing

  10. Myanmar Art Gallery (1) and (2)

  11. Myanmar Ancient Ornaments

  12. Buddha Images

  13. The Culture of National peace

  14. Twelve national objectives and National Building Endeavours

Collection Size: There are nearly five thousand permanent objects in the museum.

Collection Types: Stone, primate fossils, bronze, iron, silver, painting (oil colour and water colour, ink, sketches , pencil , charcoal, Etching, Paper-cut, mural painting, parabeik painting, Myanmar ancient ornaments made of gold and precious stone from successive periods, ancient Buddha statues made of stone, gold , silver, lead, bronze, wood and others, textile, fabric, leather, palm-leaf, musical instruments , puppets, royal regalia and so on.