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28 Mar 2012

National Museum of Singapore

National Museum of SingaporeNational Museum of Singapore, inside

With a rich history dating back to its inception in 1887, the National Museum of Singapore is Singapore's oldest museum with the youngest and most innovative soul. Designed to be the people's museum, the National Museum is a custodian of the 11 National Treasures, and its Singapore History and Living Galleries adopt cutting-edge and varied ways of presenting history and culture to redefine conventional museum experience.A cultural and architectural icon in Singapore, the Museum hosts vibrant festivals and events all year round - the dynamic Night Festival, visually arresting art installations, as well as amazing performances and film screenings - in addition to presenting lauded exhibitions and precious artefacts. The programming is supported by a wide range of facilities and services including F&B, retail and a Resource Centre. The National Museum of Singapore re-opened in December 2006 after a three-year redevelopment. The National Museum of Singapore is an iconic architecture - bringing together the old and the new on one single site.

Explore Singapore’s history from the 14th century to the modern period in the Singapore History Gallery. This 2,800-square-metre gallery takes a story-telling approach, unveiling different perspectives as you travel through tales of the past on your preferred path. The Events path traces major events and characters that were part of Singapore’s history, while the Personal path tells stories through the eyes of the man on the street. Voyage through the drama of major national events as well as the intimate stories of individuals, and appreciate the struggles of the early settlers. With the Companion, an audio-visual guide that comes in four languages, listen to interesting insights and quips of your choice to complete this refreshing and enriching journey. Our young visitors can learn just as much with the Children’s Companion.

ASEMUS will help strengthen the National Museum of Singapore’s identity across Asia and Europe by providing an avenue to update visitors on current and upcoming exhibitions.
Collection size: 108,371 excluding parts as of 31 Mar 2011 Collection: Ceramics Oil paintings and watercolours Paper (engravings, aquatints, lithographs, books) Photographs Textiles Paper Objects (related to folk life)