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17 Sep 2014

National Hangeul Museum, Korea

National-Hangeul-Museum-image1 National-Hangeul-Museum-image2 The National Hangeul Museum, dedicated to the promotion and advancement of the Korean alphabet, first opened its doors to the public on October 9, 2014, which happens to be Hangeul Day, a national holiday in Korea. The museum houses an outstanding collection of more than 10,000 objects related to Hangeul, ranging in date from 1443, when Hangeul was first created, to contemporary times. The museum’s active efforts to share the profound significance of Hangeul encompass permanent exhibitions on the history and culture of Hangeul, special exhibitions on various relevant topics, a archive system, a learning center, and a children’s museum. Through an array of primary and supplementary historical materials, this exhibition introduces visitors to the unparalleled creativity and science of Hangeul. In addition, the National Hangeul Museum strives to collect, research, and preserve diverse materials related to Hangeul, both in Korea and abroad. The National Hangeul Museum aspires to become one of Korea’s flagship cultural institutions by actively preserving the heritage and advancing the public appreciation of Hangeul, one of the foundational elements of Korean culture. Permanent Collections: documents, books, metal types, woodblocks for printing and diverse objects related to Hangeul (Korean Alphabet)

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