05 Jul 2011

National Gallery of Indonesia (Galeri Nasional Indonesia)

Indonesia National Gallery is an art Museum institution and center for modern and contemporary art which aims at protecting, developing, making a proper use of artworks as a cultural-education facility and recreation, as well as a media for the development of creativity and art appreciation.

This institution was officially opened on 8th May 1999. It is now under the Ministry of Education and Culture, Republic of Indonesia. It is located in the centre of the capital city of Indonesia, close from the National Monument, National Museum, National Library, Presidential Palace, Istiqlal Mosque, Emmanuel Church and Gambir Train Station. Its Address is a Jalan Medan Merdeka Timur No.14, Central Jakarta.

The realization of artworks preservation to grow Indonesia who are creative, appreciative, and loving the national cultural treasures.


  1. To collect, study, document, preserve and safeguard artworks, particularly the state collections.

  2. To increase the activation of exhibitions and other publications in visual art within the national and international scope.

  3. To increase the creativity and appreciation towardsartworks within the artist, student, University Student, and general publics.

  4. To develop expansion of community and cooperation networks/partnership in visual art.

  5. To enhance the service of education in visual art as well as developing the human resources and facilities of Indonesia National Gallery.

Indonesia National Gallery collects, acquires and exhibits artworks such as: paintings, sketche s, graphics, sculptures, ceramics, photography,crafts, and installation art. Some are works by:Raden saleh, Hendra Gunawan, Affandi, S. Sudjojono, Basoeki Abdullah, Barli Sasmitawinata, Trubus, popo Iskandar, Ahmad Sadali, Nashar, Sujana Kerton, H. Widayat, Abas Alibasyah, Wassily Kadinsky, (Russia), Hans Hartung (Germany), Victor Vasaarely (Hungary), Sonia Delauney (Ukraine), Pierre Saulages (France), Zao wou ki (China), as well as artworks from Sudan, India, Peru, Cuba, Vietnam, Myanmar, etc.

The Indonesia National Gallery hold activities such as exhibitions (permanent, temporary, travelling), preservation (conservation, restoration, documentation), seminars, festivals, competitions, all of which are related to the effort of increasing the understanding, skill and appreciation of visual art.

Indonesian National Gallery also provides services for collection research and guided tours for students and the general public.

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