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28 Feb 2018

Job Opportunity: Director, National Museum and Art Gallery, Papua New Guinea

  Papua New Guinea’s premier cultural institution, the National Museum & Art Gallery is charged with the duty to secure Papua New Guinea’s cultural future through preserving its historical past, conserving its natural heritage and promoting its contemporary culture. The Museum is the leading and the responsible cultural institution instigating greater respect and deeper appreciation of Papua New Guinea’s cultural heritage through scientific research and education. The Museum is searching for a skilled, passionate and knowledgeable candidate to become its new Director. The Director is the Head who provides leadership and strategic management of the National Museum & Art Gallery in line with the National Museum & Art Gallery Act, the Public Finance Management Act, the Public Services Management Act and the General Orders of the Public Service for an efficient and prudent management  and administration of the Institution. This is a Senior Executive Position in the Public Service and the ideal candidate should:
  • Hold a Masters or a PhD Degree is preferable in the fields of Anthropology, Archaeology, History or Biology;
  • Have postgraduate experience in Museum management;
  • Possess high-level skills in management, policy, programme development, implementation, monitoring and evaluation;
  • Wider experience in management with organizational and leadership of high orders;
  • Be knowledgeable of the Museum’s remit of legislative responsibilities including Government policies and legislations and Public Service Business Process;
  • Demonstrate an ability to provide intellectual leadership in the scientific and educational outcomes of the Museum which are consistent with its Corporate Plan and Vision;
  • Be of good character and repute, with no previous criminal record;
  • Other desired experience includes proven skills in communication; report writing and production; publications; public speaking/presentations; demonstrated community involvement; ability to seek funding; and a willingness to work according to the National Museum and Art Gallery’s core values, and operating principles and to become or be familiar with the history and culture of Papua New Guinea.
Applications close at 4.06pm on Friday 9 March 2018. For additional details, please refer to the vacancy notice available here.