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10 Mar 2011

National Film Archive Thailand

The National Film Archive of Thailand was established in 1984 as a section of the National Museum, Fine Arts Department, Ministry of Education. It was transferred to the National Archives in 1987. Material is mainly acquired through donations from government agencies and private institutions. Acquisitions of Thai film from abroad is also undertaken whenever possible.

In 1987, a project called Thai Film Back Home was started through the co-operation between the government and the private sector. Nearly 400 titles of original negative Thai feature films were brought back from film laboratories in Hong Kong to Thailand and are now kept at the National Film Archive.

The National Film Archive currently holds approximately 52,300 titles dating from 1897 to the present day. The collections cover aspects of Thai cultural, social, economic and political life. materials are stored in special vaults where the temperature and humidity are carefully controlled. Acetate film is stored at a temperature of 10 deg. Celsius with a relative humidity of 50%. Color master material is housed in the vault at a temperature of 5 deg. Celsius with a relative humidity of 40%. Nitrate film is stored separately from safety film. Duplication work is undertaken at the National Film Archive for black and white film. Transferring of 16mm prints to videotape is also carried out.