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24 May 2011

The Filmmuseum

Reservations only by telephone: 31-20-5891 400

For enquiries on collections, films and cinematography:


Every year the Filmmuseum receives films from private collectors and filmmakers. Dutch distributors bring in thousands of release prints to be stored in climatized vaults. The Filmmuseum is willing to accept film copies, especially Dutch films and international films with artistic qualities. For nitrate films the Filmmuseum is the only official depot in the Netherlands. Contact: Leontien Bout, 00-31-23-5210 524.


The motion picture collection contains more than 32.000 titles. Apart from 35mm and 16mm, the archive holds examples of 9.5mm, 17.5mm, 28mm, 68mm and 70mm films. The collection is strong in Dutch films, films from the teens, classic European avantgarde, expedition films, footage from the former Dutch Indies and international art cinema. From the 1910s dates the Desmet collection, an important collection of more than 900 fiction and nonfiction films that reflects the moving image culture of their period.The collection of Dutch films is the largest in the world, with fiction films from 1905 onwards and, among the documentaries, the complete works of Joris Ivens and Johan van der Keuken.


In the information center a computerized database of the film collection is available, and videocopies of films that are preserved by the Filmmuseum. Researchers from abroad, interested in the holdings, should contact the information center at The Filmmuseum screens motion pictures from the collection daily at 19.30 (except Saturday).