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06 Jun 2011

Myung Film (formerly Mk Pictures)

Founded in August of 1995, Myung Film has introduced such high-profile movies as The Contact, The Quiet Family, Happy End, The Isle and Joint Security Area by taking a bold approach to fresh ideas and themes as well as striking a fine balance between amateur and commercial films. Myung Film has also devised a solid production system to create fine works of art, while continuing to claim commercial success with its aggressive marketing strategies. Owing to these things, the company has been on the forefront of the ever-evolving Korean film industry.
In the international arena, Myung Film was invited to the world's renowned festivals - Cannes, Venice and Berlin - for its outstanding work with Happy End, The Isle and Joint Security Area. In the local scene, with record-breaking box-office hits such as Joint Security Area, Myung Film has become widely recognized as the nation's best film studio. To further produce a diverse range of quality films, Myung Film has also expanded its business by establishing in two new production companies, and E pictures, while also forming a film investment pool of $10 million, and renewing its partnership with CJ Entertainment. Within this new working environment, Myung Film plans to release up to 10 outstanding movies at theaters every year.

Based on its rich experience in film production and domestic distribution, Myung Film is also set to expand its realm into the global market by seeking co-productions and co-financed projects. Promoting cooperation with Asian neighbors such as Japan, China and Hong Kong for a far-reaching film network across the region, Myung Film is fully committed to developing and leading the Asian film industry and creating cultural values of Asia's own.