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20 May 2011

Museum of Architecture and Design

Founded in 1972 as the Architectural Museum Ljubljana, thus making it one of Europe’s oldest museums of architecture and design, MAO is today an example of the transformation of a museum into a dynamic institution with new functionalities. 

MAO is the caretaker and promotor of the world’s most comprehensive collection of Slovenian architectural and design heritage. MAO brings together curators, editors, and producers who take great care in collecting national heritage and designing contemporary programmes. MAO is a destination for professionals, students, and visitors interested in the principles and advantages of good architecture and design. It specifically addresses and is a source of inspiration to all those who are new to architecture, design and photography, helping them recognize the importance of preserved heritage for people’s lives, contemporary creative production, and future development. MAO is a national and international centre and hub for the transfer of knowledge in the fields of heritage and creativity, featuring innovative programme formats dedicated to the preservation of heritage and supporting emerging creatives.