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02 Jun 2011

Musashino Art University

Teikoku Art School was founded in 1929 and later changed its name to Musashino Art School before being accredited as an educational institution. Musashino Art School was renamed Musashino Art University College of Art and Design in 1962. The College of Art and Design established at Musashino Art University in 1962 was the first academic entity of its kind in Japan to bear the title Art and Design. The title reflects the belief that the fine arts and design form a single unit, which serves as the guiding principle in the education and research offered in the College as whole. When it was founded, the college had two departments: Art and Industrial Design. It now contains 11 departments, and is steadily developing as a general faculty that pursues design education and research from a broad perspective. Department of Imaging Arts and Sciences include Drama, Video Art, Photography, Computer Graphics, Film and Animation. This department was established in 1990 to give students a deep understanding of visual media and to teach them to utilize this media creatively and freely.

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