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22 Jul 2011 - 23 Jul 2011

New Perspectives on Asian Design | Victoria and Albert Museum

This international symposium brings together speakers from design history and practice, architecture, anthropology, art history, cultural geography, and literature to examine the changing parameters of Asian design studies today. The last two decades have seen a sharp rise and diversification in the study of Asian design and its histories. Globalization has redrawn the map of contemporary design practice. The historical implications of local, regional and global networks are a growing focus of analysis among design historians. New multidisciplinary approaches and methodologies are contributing to a more nuanced understanding of cultural hybridities across Asia and beyond. This symposium aims to explore these intersecting trends with a view to fostering an exchange of ideas that will contribute to The Encyclopedia of Asian Design, now in the initial stages of preparation. Organised and moderated by Dr Christine Guth, Royal College of Art and Victoria & Albert Museum. SPEAKERS (in alphabetical order) 22 JULY A MINIATURE IN TIBET IN RICHMOND, BRITISH COLUMBIA - THE MAKING OF A NEW TIBETAN BUDDHIST MONASTERY IN CANADA | Claire Dwyer, Department of Geography, University College, London ART AND DESIGN IN THE ENCYCLOPEDIAS | Haruhiko Fujita, Graduate School of Letters, Osaka University SHUFU CERAMICS: DESIGN AND TEXT IN YUAN MATERIAL CULTURE | Anne Gerritsen, Department of History, Warwick University ASIAN DESIGN FOR THE ASIANS? THE LOTUS PATTERN STORY CONCERNING GURCHARAN SINGH'S 1920 VISIT TO TAKUMI ASAKAWA IN JAPANESE KOREA | Yorimitsu Hashimoto, Osaka University ATYPICAL: KOREAN TYPOGRAPHY AND CONTEMPORARY ART | Joan Kee, History of Art Department, University of Michigan, Ann TRANSLATION OF ARCHITECTURAL CONCEPTS | Hua Li, Research Institute of Architectural Histories and Theories, Architectural School, Southeast University, Nanjing CONTEMPORARY TRADITION: THE INTERACTIONS OF THE DESIGNER AND THE CRAFTSMAN IN INDIA | Divia Patel, Curator of South Asian art, Victoria and Albert Museum, London THE ROLE OF HONG KONG GRAPHIC DESIGN IN MODERN CHINESE GRAPHIC DESIGN HISTORY | Wendy Wong, Department of Design, York University, Toronto Canada 23 JULY CREATING 'CHINA' : FANTASY AND FEAR IN ANGLO-CHINESE VISUAL AND MATERIAL CULTURE RELATIONS (1840-1920) | Shengfang Chou, University of Warwick MECHANISMS OF INBETWEENESS THROUGH VISUAL EXPERIENCE OF GLASS | Min Jeong Song, Royal College of Art, London ASIAN STIMULI FOR A NATIONALISTIC CONSTRUCT: JAPANESE AND JAVANESE INGREDIENTS OF POLISH NATIONAL STYLE IN DESIGN (1901-1926) | Piotr Spawlski, Chelsea College of Art an±d Design, University of the Arts, London MEDIATING AN ARCHITECTURE OF AUTONOMY, AUTHORSHIP AND AUTEURISM IN CHINA SINCE 1995 | Shirley Surya, History of Design Department, Royal College of Art and Victoria and Albert Museum CUT, FOLD, DRAPE: CRITICAL STRATEGIES OF AGENCY AND RESISTANCE IN THE CONTEMPORARY DESIGNS OF BRITISH HIJAB | Shehnaz Suterwalla, History of Design Department, Royal College of Art and Victoria and Albert Museum JAPONISME AND THE CELTIC REVIVAL IN ART AND DESIGN IN THE EARLY TWENTIETH CENTURY | Akiyo Suzuki, Osaka University PITHORA PAINTINGS AND THE REEVALUATION OF INDEGENEITY | Alice Tilche, Department of Anthropology, School of African and Asian Studies, London Source: Royal College of Art, London, UK.