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24 May 2011

Motel Films

Motel Films is an Amsterdam based production company that develops and produces feature films, television drama and documentaries for the national and international market.
Since its establishment in 1995 the founders have an eye for young talent. Motel Films initiated in the feature-film series “ROUTE 2000” and “NO MORE HEROES”. These series gave young directors the opportunity to make a film about contemporary matters. One of these films, “THE POLISH BRIDE” (1998), by Karim Traïdia, was released in more than fifteen countries and won numerous national and international prizes. After these series, Motel Films produced remarkable films, such as “JACKY” by Fow Pyng Hu and Brat Ljatifi - selected for Un Certain Regard of the Cannes Film Festival.

Motel Films has produced some of the most successful box-office films in The Netherlands: the family film “IN ORANGE” (2004), the romantic comedy “PHILEINE SAYS SORRY” (2003), winner of four Golden Calves in the Dutch film Festival. Moreover, Motel Films produced Fow Pyng Hu’s last film: “PARADISE GIRLS.”