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08 Dec 2011

To Moscow! | networking and mobility guide for performing arts


To Moscow! - Networking and Mobility Guide is a handbook for theatres preparing guest performances and tours in Russia. It was produced in context of a Finland-Russia EU-funded project and contains useful information for all those planning to perform in Russia.

The handbook is a small guide to help performing arts companies prepare for the major project a guest performance in Russia still inevitably will be. It is primarily aimed at independent companies, but other theatres planning to cooperate with Russian theatres and festivals will also benefit from the guidebook. It focuses on cultural exchange, the encounter between two cultures.  The guide contains practical information on planning, contracts (with example in English and Russian), customs and visa, culture clash, partners and other useful tips and advice.

It was commissioned and published in 2011 by Theatre Info Finland, as part of the Seeds of Imagination project (2009-2010) which aimed to build bridges between the Russian and Finnish theatre field, with contributions by various authors and experts.  Editor-in-chief Helena Autio-Meloni

DOWNLOAD free Networking and Mobility handbook: To Moscow (pdf)

A shorter pdf version of the handbook guide is available at To Moscow!