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28 Nov 2016


Modulab is a trans-media and multi-disciplinary platform that promotes research and development of new means of expression through technology and interaction within artistic contexts. Since 2008, Modulab has produced a series of technology intensive installations, interactive surfaces and experimental displays based on worldwide innovative solutions, most of which have been exhibited in local and international new media art venues. At the same time, we offer techival support and consultancy for artists, designers and marketing specialists interested in creatively merging new technologies within their projects.

Most of Modulab’s work explores the interactive function of new technologies in relation to the users, through an open-source paradigm and DYI approach, in which hacking, reverse engineering and trial and error sessions are common artistic practices. Zgomotron is a noise instrument, which responds to light and electric resistance variations of the skin. Tactil is an audio-video interactive installation made up of an elastic membrane interface that allows several users to interact simultaneously to compose a melody. Holopix is one of the first video projection systems on volatile medium in the world, composed of tiny electrically charged particles it allows the display of digital content in mid-air.

Another type of display installation was commissioned by Piksel new media art festival in Norway, 2011.

Leeks is a liquid text display, working like a text scroll that you see on every news tv station. The text message as it travels through the tubes gets out of sync and looses it shape, ending up looking like an unrecognizable, unreadable never ending line of Morse code and the liquids are collected and reused in a loop. In 2012, Modulab co-produced Play Mincu Pavilion for the Architecture Bienale from Venice 2012, which is a semiotic, interactive installation imprinting architectural stamps that speak about the two modes of the architectural profession: the artistic aspect - esthetic and conceptual, and the bureaucratic or judicial one, which generates social norms and values. Digital Biopoesis is an interactive aquarium in which the visual effects from the display are generated in real time by the natural movement of the fish. The aquarium is generally a design object destined for contemplation, as the flowing movement of the fish is considered to have relaxing effects. The visual effects generated by the fish movement complete the view with a digital dimension immanent to contemporary design. Symbiomorphogenesis is the first interactive installations exhibition in Romania – National Museum of Contemporary Art.

All Modulab innovations have Creative Commons license and we most of the times post tutorials and information containing solutions and everything needed in order to replicate our work.

In a nutshell:

  • 15 new media / interactive art exhibitions;

  • Romanian Stand at the Venice Architecture Biennale (2012);

  • 25 interactive, technology intensive installations;

  • 5 worldwide technology innovations;

  • 10 workshops with artists, designers, architects;

  • over 200 workshops attendants;

  • 10 participation in international events (the Biennale, new media art festivals, residences, conferences);

  • 3 foreign artists in residence;

  • start-up incubator;

  • Online community with over 10000 thousand followers (Modulab + Grădina Viitorului).