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04 Jul 2019

Mekong Cultural Hub

Mekong Cultural Hub (MCH) offers personal and professional development opportunities for creative cultural practitioners in Cambodia, Lao PDR, Vietnam, Myanmar and Thailand and to build sustainable networks around Asia. Programmes will include workshops, exchange, training and networking.

MCH serves people who are working at the intersection of arts and society. Their mission is to empower diverse cultural practitioners to bring their visions for an inclusive, sustainable Mekong Region to life. Since 2018, they have connected more than 150 practitioners from the region for professional exchange, co-creation and collaboration. They initiate projects and work on collaborations all around Asia.

MCH addresses a systemic lack of connectivity among artists and cultural practitioners in Southeast Asia and the Mekong Region. After an initial mapping project, they identified that individual cultural practitioners, artists, and arts organizations in the Mekong Region share many of the same interests, priorities, challenges and constraints. These challenges range from a lack of resources, threats to sustainability and the environment, sensitive social and political contexts, limited access to in-country training and development, and few opportunities to exchange knowledge and collaborate with peers from neighboring countries.

MCH's aim is to develop and connect resources and experience from across the region, building bridges and creating spaces for reflection and innovation so emerging artists and arts leaders can collectively create, influence, and transform the contexts in which they are living and working. 

MCH is a sister organisation of Cambodian Living Arts, which has been working in Cambodia since 1998, and has a mission to be a catalyst in a vibrant arts sector in Cambodia. Both MCH and CLA share the belief that arts are at the heart of a vital society, and this spirit is reflected throughout their programmes.