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24 May 2011

Lemming Film

Established in 1995, Lemming Film is a television production company based in Amsterdam. The company production focuses mostly on the children's, teen and family market. Lemming Film produces projects that reflect an open-minded vision on contemporary society. It participates in international co-productions which in 2008 sees productions span from continental Europe and Mongolia.
Lemming Film is participating in the new challenges of film and TV distribution as well as the possibilities of multimedia.

To encourage the development and production of feature films for a younger audience, Lemming Film - in co- operation with the Dutch Film Fund and the national broadcasters KRO and VPRO - has taken the initiative for ‘Cinema Junior’; a slate of youth feature films. In the framework of ‘Cinema Junior’ an open subscription for writers and directors was announced. This has lead to the production of two feature films produced by Lemming Film (BONKERS) and Egmond Film & Television (DON).

Lemming Film seeks to actively contribute to a European production community. The producers of Lemming Film therefore take an active part in the structural collaboration of seven production companies from all over Europe, called

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