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08 Jun 2011

La Belle Allee Productions

La Belle Allée Productions is one of Scotland's leading film and television production companies, making high quality feature films, documentaries and television drama for the domestic and international markets.

The Company is headed by producer Karen Smyth, whose feature films include Tinseltown, One Life Stand and Valhalla Rising. In 2008 the company co-produced the £3.7 million feature film Valhalla Rising directed by Nicolas Winding Refn, shot wholly in Scotland and due for release in March 2010.

The company currently has a number of feature films in funded development including Fires, written by Martin Smith; The Ebb Tide, written by Robbie Fraser and based on the novel by Robert Louis Stevenson, a co-production with French independent producer Les Films Du Requin; and Pearls & Pigs, a remake of the Finnish slacker classic.

Our award-winning documentaries include The Colour of Sound, directed by Vincent Hunter voted Best Film at the 2008 SCINEMA Festival of Science Film, Bafta-nominated short doc Irene, directed by Lindsay Goodall and winner of Best Documentary at Palm Springs Film Festival, and Archive of Dreams, directed by Tomas Sheridan and winner of two Jim Poole Awards.

La Belle’s production services division has delivered major international campaigns for Doritos, Allianz Insurance, Budweiser, Aston Martin and Johnny Walker amongst others. In addition, we have been involved with a number high quality corporate video productions, with Diageo remaining one of our best clients.

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