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06 Sep 2010

Korea Culture and Tourism Institute (KCTI)

Korea Culture and Tourism Institute (KCTI) contributes to realizing Creative Korea and improving the quality of cultural life. The research, information service and joint projects in the institute help to establish, implement and evaluate the best policy for the nation, by promoting joint work by the government, local authorities and private sectors.

To come true a nation of culture is the ultimate vision that KCTI pursuits. Regarding this, it tries to construct the framework for policy of culture & tourism, develop and research more specific projects so as to put into practice. As a sole research institute in cultural fields, which is sponsored by government, KCTI takes its leading roles as a think-tank and coordinator linking government and civil society. KCTI hopes that its initiatives will lead to more job opportunities, fullness of cultural atmosphere, which eventually means all of our society become more affluent.

To contribute to the people's welfare and the country's development by providing supports for the cultural and tourism industries through the presentation of policy options and systematic policy development based on surveys and researchs in the relevant sectors.

Currently, KCTI is working towards striving for sophistication and diversification of research projects as a national think tank specialized in culture and tourism. KCTI is also working to expand the basis for research projects, bolstering the research network both in-and-out of the country.