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20 Jul 2017

IoDeposito NGO

The B#SIDE WAR is an artistic and cultural festival, diffused in 12 territories of Italy and Slovenia, thanks to artistic exhibitions and installations, performing, talks and conferences, researches and publications. The festival covers the area from the Mediterranean Sea to the Julian Alps, in addition, special events in Toronto (Canada), Kansas City (USA), Canberra (Australia), Verdun (France) and London (UK) take place every year. Designed with the main purpose of investigating the legacies that connect the First World War to our everyday life, the B#SIDE WAR project has then been devoted to the analysis of the relationship between the Human Being and the ‘900 conflicts, as well as to the examination of the kinship between our war past and the vision of the world we nowadays have.

In order to apply: send an e-mail to (“call for artists” as e-mail object) together with a short presentation/bio of the artist, a short presentation of the candidate artwork (if the artwork has already been realised, please attach it). Images and/or photographs and any other documents will be welcomed.