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20 Jul 2017


Founded in 2009 with the aim of contributing to the advancement of young people’s welfare and cultural wellbeing through the media of arts, IoDeposito is a NGO that works with the aim of supporting young people’s specific competencies related to visual arts projects, training and research in the fields of cultural management, art and curatorial practices.

IoDeposito works on an international scale together with a network of partners from Italy and the beyond (museums, universities, academies, public Institutions, NGOs), pouring on its territory the collaboration with institutional, artistic and scientific entities operating in 41 countries worldwide.

So far, IoDeposito has involved around 240,000 people in its projects (exhibitions, workshops, laboratories, cultural events, conferences, researches, publications). Mostly, it has developed a unique expertise in the organisation of artistic and cultural projects as well as in the research field dealing with the theme of memories and legacies of the World Conflicts.

IoDeposito’s activity has dealt with research experimental processes on curatorial disciplines, artistic languages, history, Italian studies, cultural studies and new technologies applied to art and culture. Moreover, it has focused its attention on educational and laboratorial methodologies based on art and creativity.