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02 Aug 2013

The Invisible Hand | IETM Art and Economy publication


The Invisible Hand, the first publication in the IETM "Fresh Perspectives" series, looks at how art relates to economy. The Fresh Perspectives series of publications explores how artists respond to crucial questions of today’s society. Artistic projects proposed by IETM members and other arts professionals are analysed and placed in a broader social perspective by researchers specialized in the issue.

Mission Models Money’s Charlie Tims and Shelagh Wright have analysed artistic projects that directly deal with issues of the economy, money or economic exchange. They looked at how these projects resonate in today’s economic and social environment.

“Neither artists nor the cultural sector are separate from the economy. The answer to inequality, democratic disengagement and climate change is not simply more art. But rather a different place for art… Art not just as an input or output of an economy, but art that challenges the assumptions on which the economy is based.”

Based on an analysis of current tendencies in the economy and economic theory, The Invisible Hand looks at concrete examples of innovative and interesting practice, proposed by IETM members and discussed at IETM meetings in Zagreb and Dublin. It will inspire you to rethink your work and its place in the world today!

This publication is written by Charlie Tims and Shelagh Wright from MissionModelsMoney, and realised by IETM in collaboration with the British Council.

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