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10 Aug 2022

An introduction to touring into the UK

Cultural organisation Farnham Maltings have created an introductory guide to welcome international performing artists, companies, and producers looking to present theatre, dance and live art in the UK, particularly those working on the independent and small scale.

There is a real appetite for international dialogue across the UK. Artists, producers and communities are curious to hear how others around the world are responding to the same challenges, how we make sense of the world and our place in it and how we might collaborate better. 

Whether readers have ambitions to tour, present at a festival, or work in partnership with other artists and companies to create a new project, this publication offers practical ideas, provides advice, and signposts useful resources – from tips for research, networking and promotion, to options to show without travelling and tour sustainably, to common routes in, and what to think about once a tour or performance confirmed.

For more information and support on practical issues for arts mobility visit Arts Infopoint UK.

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