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05 Jul 2011

International Performance Art Festival (Asiatopia)

International Performance Art Festival (Asiatopia) is a Chiang Mai-based organisation with aim to promote performance art practice in Thailand and Southeast Asia. Acting as a platform for performance artists from all over Asia and beyond to present and share their ideas towards the contemporary society and current issues in the region, Asiatopia provides a forum for performance artists to participate for question or share their interest in the situation of the continent through performing arts.

Asiatopia is the combination of the words “ASIA” and “TOPIA." In Greek “topos” means "place" therefore meaning of the word "Asiatopia" conveys the attempt to create a place for Asia among the stream of globalisation as local people try to create and present their own identities. It is the desire of locals to have both "Asia’s place" and "a place for Asia."

Since the founding of Asiatopia in 1998, the festival has invited more than 300 international artists to perform for the Thai audience. Today, the festival has become one of the most important performance platforms in Asia, and in the international communities of performance art.