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10 May 2011

International Panorama Of Independent Film Makers

The goals of the International Panorama of Independent Film Makers are:

To present new creators in the cinema field and let them discuss with the audience.
To exchange new ideas and technology knowledge.
To show their work in Athens as well as in other Greek cities
To show different cultures, ideas, opinions from and to people all over the world

The organizers wish to present an effluence of sounds and pictures which will unite various cultures and promote diversity.

More than 200 movies from 56 countries, including feature films, short films, cartoons, animations, documentaries, video art, video clips and internet experimental videos have been presented at the last editions of the festival.

The films competing for the prizes are divided in two categories: Greek and International.

Believing in the freedom of expression, and in the right every director has to speak their mind, all films will be projected without a preliminary committee.