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25 Oct 2018

Institute of Modern Languages University of Dhaka

The Institute of Modern Languages (IML) is an institute of the University of Dhaka in Bangladesh dedicated to teaching various modern languages including Bengali, English, French, German, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, Persian, Turkish, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Urdu and Hindi. 

Institute of Modern Languages was established on 1 July 1974. The main aims and objects of the Institute are (i) to promote and to provide facilities for the study of Modern Languages; (ii) to provide teaching, training and guidance in order to prepare candidates for the Certificate of Proficiency, Diploma of Arts in Modern Languages, and for such other Diplomas and Degrees that may be decided upon by the University; (iii) to provide such other services and facilities for training as may meet the needs of linguistic scholars, foreign services personnel and others. The Institute offers 1-year non-degree courses, as well as M.Phil., Ph.D. programs and 18-months MA in ELT. Besides, short courses on various languages are also offered. A research journal is also published once a year by the Institute.

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