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15 May 2011

Institute of Contemporary Art, Dunaújváros

The primary task of the Institute of Contemporary Art, Dunaújváros (ICA-D) is to realise programmes that accomplish the mission of its maintainer, the Public Foundation for Modern Art  (PFMA), in accordance with its deed of foundation "to present and popularise modern and 20th-21st century art”. According to this mission, the management of the ICA-D makes an effort to run programmes which on the one hand, reflect to the changing political, economic and cultural environment in an appropriate way, adequately to the current position of contemporary fine art and on the other hand play an active role in shaping the cultural life of Dunaújváros.

As an exhibition venue, its aim is to display the wide spectrum of the contemporary works of art. As an institution possessing an art collection, its aim is to create and develop a most outstanding collection which documents the tendencies of contemporary art and by this means, to participate actively in the definition and preservation of the cultural heritage. As a social science research workshop, its aim is to carry out research projects related to the recent past’s history, fine arts and culture in a broader sense and to publish their results. As a part of the system of the art institutions, international of necessity, its aim is to integrate domestic fine art and artists into the international scene.

As one of the cultural centers of Dunaújváros, its aim is to represent contemporary culture on a high level in the city, with special regard to fine art exhibitions and related educational programs. It lays special emphasis on art programmes that provide knowledge and inspiration to students of the city’s public education. The Institute regards its natural task to provide opportunities for the artists of the city and the region to introduce themselves.