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29 May 2011

National Film Development Corporation Of Malaysia (Finas)

The National Film Development Committee was formed by the Malaysian government on July 26, 1980 to outline the ways to improve Malaysian film industry. As the results from their recommendations, Malaysia National Film Development (or FINAS) was formed in the year 1981 through Malaysian Film Corporation Development Act, 1981 (Act 244).


  • Provides services, facilities, encouragement and support effective and efficient;

  • Create conducive an environment , progressive and competitive;

  • To produce knowledgeable, creative and skilled filmmaker;

  • Nurturing a culture of watching Malaysia (Love Film Malaysia);

  • Promote the Malaysia's film to the world stage, and

  • Make Malaysia a centre for filming destination.

There are 3 funding incentives for production provided by FINAS:

1.Film Art and Multimedia Development Fund
This scheme is managed by a committee comprising of filmmakers and film activists. Funding is provided for short film / documentary and there is also incentives assistance for students.

2. Feature Film Loan Funds
A maximum loan of 1.5 mil MYR or not more than 90% of the film budget. There is an interest of 4% on the loan repayment.

3.Film Production Fund Nationhood And Heritage
The total amount that the fund has is 15 million MYR. Every year about 3 to 5 productions are supported via this fund. The films supported must have the Malaysian heritage elements and promotes Malaysian culture.