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02 Jun 2011

Hokkaido Location Service (Hokkaido Government)

Since April, 2001, the Hokkaido Government has established "the Hokkaido Location Service" in order to assist international film producers in shooting a film smoothly in Hokkaido. Surrounded by seas on all sides, Hokkaido is located in the north of the Japanese archipelago which extends from north to south. Hokkaido's area accounts for one fifth of the nation's total land area.

Hokkaido is particularly rich in natural beauty such as abundant natural forests, mystic lakes and magnificent mountains. There are distinct four seasons, including refreshing summer and cold winter with snow covering the whole prefecture. This spacious vast land's natural environment is similar to that of Europe. Hokkaido has been chosen as a location site for many movies and TV dramas, and its charms have been introduced to the world. Support includes introducing prefectural facilities and coordinates shooting permission, and providing assistance with other procedures necessary.