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06 Sep 2010

The Heritage Of Malaysia Trust (Badan Warisan Malaysia)

Badan Warisan Malaysia (The Heritage of Malaysia Trust) is the leading national heritage NGO with a reputation for excellence in heritage conservation services spanning nearly 30 years. As an independent registered charity, its role is to raise awareness of heritage issues and advocate for a conservation-friendly environment in Malaysia.

It aims to:

  • CREATE AWARENESS and PUBLIC SUPPORT for conservation so as to ensure the survival of our built heritage

  • INFLUENCE POLICY so as to create a conservation-friendly environment

  • PROMOTE EDUCATION so as to develop an understanding of our built heritage as an expression of our history and identity

  • be a TECHNICAL RESOURCE as the national knowledge-base for conservation skills

  • BUILD a strong, involved and committed MEMBERSHIP

  • achieve and sustain FINANCIAL INDEPENDENCE

BWM works throughout Malaysia, cooperating with community groups, institutions, the private sector and all levels of Government to promote the conservation and preservation of our historic buildings and places. It plays a pivotal role in advocacy through a range of activities including heritage education, and it initiates research and documentation of our heritage assets and contribute to debates at international, national and local levels, on the quality of its built environment.

Since 1985, BWM has undertaken various building conservation projects, many of which have won accolades and awards locally and internationally. It has been involved in cultural heritage tourism and the development of heritage walks and tours, as well as the integrated and sustainable management of heritage sites in Malaysia. At present, BWM operates two heritage properties – the Heritage Centre and Rumah Penghulu Abu Seman in Kuala Lumpur, and No 8 Heeren Street in Melaka’s UNESCO World Heritage Site